Twitter censorship

How is this going to function in practice?

Having a look at, “which makes it easier to find notices related to Twitter” [ ], what is going to be in the “Subject” column, the actual part-removed tweet?

I guess “Sender” could be where the countries name is placed, and “Subject” could be the actual tweet that’s been deleted (as long as that tweet is permissible to be printed on the site).

If so, then tweeps could simply go to that site to check out interesting tweets, thus making the subjects discussed in the censored tweets have MORE exposure.

This could be a very clever move by Twitter. If I have understood it correctly, which probably indicates I aint, they’re protecting their asses while ramping up the highlighting of what countries don’t want tweeps to see.

Some more musings, having read this:

Tweets just need to vpn or proxy into a country that is not being censored by Twitter to read the censored-in-their-country tweets as Twitter will have the plausible deniability to say, “hey, that user is now in a country [based on their IP address] we can see that censored-in-a.n.other-country tweet”.

Job’s a good’un. It’s a bit like the way peeps can get around D-notices/DA Notice censorship, where there’s a will, there’s a way 🙂

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