Are the FBI and fellow actors in #MegaUpload takedown, criminals?

The FBI and fellow law enforcement actors around the world may be committing a criminal offence by denying access to our Intellectual Property (IP) on the MegaUpload servers.

Their cumbersome sledgehammer-to-crack-a-nut take-down has denied me access to my IP. By this take-down, they are denying me the ability to sell my IP stored on MegaUpload servers.

Selling copywritten material is a criminal offence. Denying somone the ability to sell their copywritten material via a Denial of Service (take down) is also a criminal offence?

Is the take-down, in effect, a Denial-of-Service attack? I would argue, yes.

Let me put it another way regarding Denial of Service.  Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, etc, can be used to buy illegal goods & services as well as legal goods and services.  A Denial of Service attack on these entities is considered a criminal offence.  Ergo, surely the Denial of Service perpetrated by the FBI and other actors around the world on MegaUploads via their take-down should also be considered a criminal act.

As this article explains, “A “denial-of-service” attack is characterized by an explicit attempt by attackers to prevent legitimate users of a service from using that service.

The FBI (“attackers” above) have explicitly prevented legitimate users (me, and many others) of a service (MegaUploads) from using that service (uploading/downloading their legitimate data).

If you’re a UK citizen and think you have been the victim of this Denial of Service attack by the FBI, it’s associates, and fellow actors in it’s “mega conspiracy” take-down of MegaUploads, report them on the Action Fraud website immediately.  I recieved this email from Action Fraud today;

You can report a fraud via the Action Fraud website: . We have recently added the functionality for reporting internet crime so a denial of service attack can be reported via the website.

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