Should the #Cloud be part of the Digital Agenda for Europe

Here is some info regarding the “Digital Agenda for Europe”:

In the “Planned Actions” section, a lot of planned actions are listed:

There’s an argument from kaatje kabelkrant (@kaatje36) replying to myself and Commissioner Neelie Kroes (Vice President of the European Commission, responsible for the Digital Agenda for Europe) on #Twitter saying:

I’m saying Cloud IS part of the digital agenda and NO it shouldn’t be. Internet is everbody’s.

I can’t agree with that as is as it does not make sense.

Everyone” surely also includes Commissioner Neelie Kroes, me, Kaatje Kabelkrant, any other European, and, well, everyone else, by definition.

As the Cloud is part of the digital industry, I cannot understand why the Cloud cannot be part the Digital Agenda for Europe.

You’re arguments for and against would be most appreciated.

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