We’re all criminals under ACTA

With regards to this article: http://acta.ffii.org/?p=1106

6. Before people had computers, it took an effort to infringe copyright. One had to make a physical copy. Since people have computers, infringement is often just one mouse click away. Forwarding an email (with an attachment) can already violate copyright law. Did we all become infringers? Do we have to rethink copyright and enforcement, or unleash draconian measures upon ourselves?

We are all willing and unwilling infringer to varying degrees in this modern digital age. This means we most likely are ALL criminals under ACTA for being a willing[1] or aiding and abetting[2]  counterfeiter. Below are extracts from the ACTA text.

[1] – “Each Party shall provide for criminal procedures and penalties to be applied at least in cases of wilful trademark counterfeiting or copyright or related rights piracy on a commercial scale.9 For the purposes of this Section, acts carried out on a commercial scale include at least those carried out as commercial activities for direct or indirect economic or commercial advantage.”

[2] – “With respect to the offences specified in this Article for which a Party provides criminal procedures and penalties, that Party shall ensure that criminal liability for aiding and abetting is available under its law.”

Full ACTA text: http://trade.ec.europa.eu/doclib/docs/2011/may/tradoc_147937.pdf

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