Roundup of my diggings today to show #ACTA and the like are illegal, immoral, and the #EU must know it

I started the day with this tweet:

@agonarch Someone needs to step up to the plate with regard to referring #ACTA to the #ECJ. ECJ considerations need to include not only 1/?

Yesterday, I’d asked a direct question to David Martin, MEP (then informed him his mailbox was full and not accepting any more emails), the new rapporteur for INTA who will scrutinisa ACTA:

@davidmartinmep Youve prev‘ voted FOR “Clarity on legal basisbefore the initialling of ACTA“, that include asking ECJs opinion?#ACTA

David replied:

David Martin MEP @davidmartinmep

@awbMaven almost certain to ask euro court but need the support of my committee

So I tweeted all the INTA members I know of who are on Twitter if they would back up David, the list is here:!/hrucic/meps-inta  Add to that list if you can and let me know. No replies yet from any of them I’m afraid 😦

My thoughts re DRM and zoning, summary: Zone-based DRM impedes my Freedom of Movement and Freedom of Expression:

@kaatje36 Look at the terrific reaction by ‘David’ under ‘comments’… <<< My thoughts have been added#ACTA #DRMzoneFree

Then same some good stuff, originally tweeted the wrong year (2012) when it was in fact 2010 that Commissioner for Internal EU Affairs, Michel Barnier, admitted that ACTA would result in internal law changes for the EU. Remember, the Commission are addament no changes to EU law are required!

Did we miss this on 13/01/12? “It’s official[Barnier]! ACTA means changes to EU law”: cc @michelbarnier@StopActaNow

I then stumbled upon a trove of info regarding EU regulations in the works from Commissioner Barnier of EU Internal Affairs regarding IPR (Intellectual Property Rights, ACTA and the like):

The European Observatory on Counterfeiting and… Trove of info on Internal Market #EU changes re. #IPR #ACTA

Finally (thus far, it’s still relatively early for me, yesterday was a 05.00 bedtime night) some court documents (#ECJ included) analysing whether snooping on internet users and the blocking of web sites is compatable with such things as the European Union Charter on Human Rights.  I think I hit a mini gold mine here:

BINGO! Snooping & blocking 2 “negatively affect the enjoyment of rights and freedoms protected by” ECHR #ACTA #ECJ

One of my twitter followers mentioned that we are now in an “IPR war”, this reminded me of something I had found the other day.  Not “war”, but a “crusade”:

@marconiese Me, yesterday: EU & US “strong, joint and international anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting CRUSADE”
All in all, a pretty good day of digging I think you’ll agree 🙂
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