My blog: “Don’t Be Naïve about Anonymous or the Occupy Movement”: my observations and comments.

I have just finished reading an article about Anonymous from a sworn defender of the United States of America.

I am not shocked, not any more. I am sad and a feel quite sorry for Robin Jackson, people like him, and People that come into contact with the actions of Robin Jackson and his ilk (BRPF‘s).

The article is here.

My main thoughts to Robin Jackson can be summed up with: you should beware the actors you support, for they are the enemy of People.

Robin Jackson: “this country that I, and millions like me, have sworn to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

State actors should be defending the People [often, from the State], not the State from the People. You should define your own enemies, and fight them with as little belligerence as possible, not with overwhelming State sanctioned belligerence.

I have watched elements of anonymous use the most vile and offensive language to maliciously accuse and vehemently attack every aspect of our American society.  F**k FBI Friday (#FFF), #F**kthePolice, #Pedocop, are a normal part of the rhetoric of what remains of that portion of Anonymous that is attacking American institutions and our law enforcement agencies, officers, and military personnel

I have watched as American law enforcement agencies, officers, and military personnel have murdered and maimed PEOPLE  in the name of the State. These Enforcers are not punished. These Enforcers are rewarded and protected by the State. This State leniency towards actors in its name is morally reprehensible and needs to be stopped by the People with as little belligerence as possible.

I am the father of four daughters and the grandfather of four lovely grandaughters and I have to tell you that I cannot imagine the emotional terror and hurt that this young officer must be going through.

Really, really try hard to imagine the emotional terror and hurt perpetrated by the State’s actors on the People’s of the world, a State you support and have sworn to defend. Imagine someone else’s daughters and granddaughters being killed and/or maimed by State actors in the name of the State you have sworn to defend. Do you feel any empathy at all towards these others’ daughters and granddaughters? Can you not see that the level of State belligerence the US perpetrates is so, so wrong?

Why would Anonymous turn off the power?

I don’t think they will, but if they do, it would be no worse than the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative employing Special 301 provisions in an attempt to bring others into line. It would be no worse than the State causing damage to civilian infrastructure around the world through its belligerence to bring others into line.  It would, imv, be a mild form of karmic-comeuppance in comparison to the hurt and terror committed by the State and it’s actors against the People’s of the world.

What Robin Jackson and his ilk fail to understand or comprehend is that State actors, in the States name, commit heinous acts orders of magnitude more terrifying and brutal than anything Anonymous has committed, and the State who’s name they do it in, protects them. Semper Fidelis (Semper Fi) should be towards the People, not the guilty or a State.

It is repugnant that someone should swear to defend a State and not the People. It is repugnant that someone should support and/or carry out actions resulting in the killing and maiming of innocent People on the orders of their State.

People like Robin Jackson are, to differing degrees, the People’s enemy. They are Belligerent Radicalized Proselytising Fundamentalists.

Belligerent Radicalized Proselytising Fundamentalists are one of, if not THE, main problems with humanity today.

They unflinchingly believe their dogma [Fundamentalism]; they go out & about and preach their dogma to others [Proselytize]; their dogma is extreme [Radical]; they employ force to spread their dogma to get others to believe/adhere to their dogma [Belligerence].

Belligerent Radicalized Proselytising Fundamentalists encompass a whole gamut of “bad people”.

Next time you read or see someone on TV, in the newspaper, on the web, ask yourself if they fall into that BRPF category, and know your enemy.

Thomas Jefferson: ‘Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry‘. Doing bad stuff for your state, stuff you wouldn’t get away with as non-state actor, because you have sworn to defend your state and have the states protection is not excuse to act against humanity, it means you are a bad person and an enemy of humanity.

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