Anti-Semitic attitudes are off the charts in Hungary – ADL #Jews #Israel #Loaded #Survey

There’s a report out today from the with some question concerning European attitudes towards Jews in some European Countries.

It’s a pretty emotive topic at the moment considering what is happening in Toulouse, France (perfect timing from ADL’s pov), indeed, pretty emotive much of the time since the State of Israel was created with no parallel State of Palestine in existance.

The questions posed where as follows:

Respondents across the continent were asked whether or not they thought the following four statements were “probably true” or “probably false.” 

1) Jews are more loyal to Israel than to this country. 
2) Jews have too much power in the business world. 
3) Jews have too much power in international financial markets. 
4) Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust. 
5) Jews are responsible for the death of Christ. True of False
6) .. if their opinion of Jews was influenced by actions taken by the State of Israel and whether they believed the violence directed against European Jews was a result of anti-Jewish feelings or anti-Israel sentiment?

Firstly, the question set were pretty loaded. Secondly, which ‘Jews’? A religious Jews, Ethnic Jews, or people who are both Religious and Ethnic Jews? Dual citizen Jews (with one citizenship being with the State of Israel) or single citizen Jews?

Regarding question 1, I think it is reasonable to assume that someone who has two passports [which many Jews have] has dual loyalties so it is not surprising to me to feel that persons who hold two passports (especially if they have to swear allegiance to a second state get their second passport) is likely to to have questionable loyalties, ie, it is not surprising that many “continue to question the loyalty of their Jewish citizens” as in my view they should question the loyalties of anyone who has two passports. If push came to shove, just which side of the fence would a dual-passport holder back?

Regarding question 2, I have very little knowledge of what the ethnicity and/or religion of those who work in finance are, even those I work with. I’d have to pass on that question.

Regarding question 3, It’s the same answer and pass as question 2 for me.

Regarding question 4, I do think many Jews go on about the Holocaust™ too much. Granted, it was traumatic for those Jews that lived through it [which is an ever decreasing percentage of Jews as it was 60+ years ago], but I think there is a large element of mawkish Holocaust™ remembrance in Jewish society from those who never experienced the Holocaust™ first hand. I think this mawkish Holocaust™ remembrance is detrimental to Jewish society, especially to Jewish youth who are faced with horrifying pictures and stories when they are still children. Frankly, lots of what I hear them being taught about is banned from being shown on TV until after the watershed because it is considered too horrific for young peoples. I think there is an element of child abuse in forcing horrific Holocaust™ rememberance on Jewish children. I think mawkish Holocaust™ Remembrance has caused Repetition Compulsion in parts of Jewish society and this I think explains many Jewish attitudes towards Palestinians who I think many, especially those who have made aliyah to Israel, view as untermenschen.

Regarding question 5, I’d have to pass.  Sure, some Jews were allegedly involved, sure many Jews were not, but “responsible for – true or false”, it’s a loaded question imv with no chance at granularity, and being ~2000 years ago, who the heck knows what really happened and who shared the responsibility (if indeed Jesus, the Son of God, did exist).

Regarding question 6, I think many link Jews with the State of Israel [often because of dual-citizenship] and I think it impossible to separate the two when talking specifically about Jews who are citizens of the State of Israel. I do think that much of the violence towards Jews is not anti-Semitic™ per se, it is anti-Israeli, it’s part of the eye-for-an-eye dogma that many Jews and Muslims adhere to and seek vengeance to quench. I dislike some Jews not because because they are Jews, I don’t them because of their views concerning the actions of the State of Israel. I similarly don’t like some Christians because of their views concerning the actions of the State of Israel. The State of Israel is evidently a terrorist state imv and anyone that supports a terrorist states’ actions is to be disliked imv.

I wonder if these answers make me anti-Semetic™ or not.  Some will think yes, others no, others something else, and others another thing 🙂



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